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Fall Busking Opportunities in Downtown Trenton!

Updated: Oct 2

Announcing new paid opportunities for local musicians to showcase their talents in Downtown Trenton!

From October through November 2023, the Downtown Trenton Neighborhood Preservation Program (NPP) proudly sponsors Downtown Trenton Street Busking! This initiative offers talented artists ("buskers") the chance to showcase their skills in Downtown Trenton. Performances will take place in public spaces such as street corners, sidewalks, plazas, and more.

Interested in performing?


1. Where can I perform as part of the Downtown Trenton Busking Program?

You must perform in your assigned downtown space, which could include sidewalks, parks, plazas, downtown businesses, or other designated venues during your assigned date and time.

2. How much would I get paid for my performance?

Payment rates are as follows for a two-hour performance:

  • Solo acts: $100

  • Duos: $160

  • Trios: $210

3. Can I collect tips during my performance?

Yes, you are allowed to collect tips from your audience.

4. Do I need to provide a photo of my performance?

Yes, please provide a photo taken during your performance. This photo may be used for Downtown Trenton NPP's social media and promotional purposes. Email the photo to

5. Can I verbally ask for money or display a sign requesting tips?

No, please do not ask for money out loud or display signs requesting tips. Avoid approaching or soliciting pedestrians.

6. Where should I avoid performing for tips?

Do not perform for tips on any public transportation vehicle, bus stop, public parking lot, or structure, or near an ATM or bank.

7. How should I position myself to avoid obstructing pedestrians?

Be mindful not to block pedestrians on the sidewalk or the entrance to a building.

8. Are there noise level restrictions for performances?

Yes, please ensure you do not violate the noise ordinance. A safe guideline is that people should not be able to hear your performance from a distance of about 100 feet.

9. Will amplification be provided for my performance?

No, the Downtown Trenton NPP does not provide amplification. If you wish to use amplification, you must bring your own system and extension cords. Please note that a publicly accessible power source may not be available at your assigned location, but efforts will be made to accommodate your requests.

10. Is there an age requirement for performers?

Performers of all ages are welcome to participate. However, if your act includes a performer under the age of 18, an adult must be present for the entirety of the performance.

11. Can I participate on multiple days?

Yes, performers have the option to participate on multiple days.

12. How do I document my performance?

Before your performance, take a selfie and send it to for documentation purposes.

13. What happens if I arrive late or fail to show up for my scheduled performance?

Late arrivals and no-shows for booked Downtown Trenton NPP performances may affect your eligibility to participate in future performances.

14. How and when will I be paid for my performance?

Performers will be paid by Isles, Inc. via direct deposit. You will need to sign an Artist Agreement, submit a W9, and provide a voided check for payment processing. Payments are processed twice per month on Thursdays following your performance in accordance with the payment schedule.

15. I'm a downtown business owner and interested in having free live music outside my business. Who should I contact?

Great! Please email Chris Shimchick at

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